Called to order at 19:30 by Frederick W9GOC

Questions and discussion regarding the upcoming Hamvention aka "Dayton".

Read by Matt NM9O, one correction.

Treasurers Report

Chuck, K9KNR

Lloyd participated in the Spring Sprint, 2M, 1.25M, 70cm, Microwave. Weeknights, Mon, Tue, Wed, Saturday.
Best DX 140 miles on 10 GHz, 2 foot dish.

Stuart got his NPOTA award, 87 contacts, had a hardware failure.

Field Day
We will be in Cambridge next month. The FDOPS committee will be meeting one more time.
We will be meeting at 19:30 @ EMS in Cambridge.
KC9IFF looking for operators for the Mad Town Run, Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Email if interested.

VE Report
General Class which was cancelled, 1 tech.
May 6, 3 tech, 2 general, 2 extra.

Buck Night
Douglas Mueller KD9IBR, sacajawa.


Deferred until next month

Treasurers Report


Doug, was here last month KD9IBR.
Mike, was here last month, KD9HYV.

VE Report

April 1, 2 tech, 1 general, 2 extra
April 8, 1 tech, 1 general, 2 extra

Upcoming April 30th, following the General Class, May 6th at 08:00 AM.

Announcements and Notices

Hamfest coming up May 7th in Illinois.

World Amateur Radio Day. IARU, founded on April 18, 1925.

May 8th, MARA meeting, may be at Channel 15 for a tour. Check the MARA website for updates.

Buck Night
Doug ND9Q got a sacajaweia.

We now have a reliable parts list for the modified Forty-9er part of the kit, based upon both the information contained in its schematic, and the prescribed modifications thereof . Lack of this list had been a major barrier to prospective volunteers for final inspection and testing .

The first kit is now tested and re-assembled. When six kits are ready, they will go back to Project Leader Matt. The seventh is being soldered together in order to discover any assembly issues.